Apr 3, 2008

Oracle Clusterware

I found a nice tip about Oracle clusterware on this blog.
The scope of the article is that you can use Oracle clusterware on Oracle Unbreakable Linux without an additional license, but i found the following paragraph very interesting:
Now you can download the clusterware and use it as an extension of your Linux to make virtually any application highly available even without having an Oracle Database Server.

If you start searching on otn.oracle.com:documentation for some information about this, you will not find anything. But here the white paper from Oracle, which explains the concept making applications high available with application vips and Oracle clusterware.
The ability to protect non-Oracle applications from failure was not part of Oracle Database 10g Release 1. With the advent of Oracle Database 10g Release 2, non-Oracle applications running on a cluster can benefit from the same level of protection as existing Oracle Database processes.

Customers and Oracle partners can now place their own applications under the management and protection of Oracle Clusterware, such that they restart on process failure or failover to another node on node failure.

With this enhancement Oracle provides an easy way to provide high availability not only for the database but also for its application server and the best:
You must only maintain one software stack...

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