Oct 7, 2008

Comparison: Pausing/Resuming VM with VMWare and VirtualBox

This comparison was done on a Samsung X20 laptop. (So on bigger machines the numbers will look different!).
Some words to the different concepts of VMWare and VirtualBox:

  • Pausing: Freezing all processes & hibernating the VM
  • Resuming: -
  • Pausing: Freezing all processes
  • Save machine state: Hibernating the VM
  • Restoring: Reverse function of Save machine state
  • Resuming: Reverse function of Pausing
These differences show, that with VirtualBox, you are able to only freeze all processes and resume them without any I/O for persistency of this state. This is done immediately.
The other transitions last about 9s on VMWare and 5s on VirtualBox (Linux VM with 256MB RAM and no workload).

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