Jul 19, 2017

(bash): The most useless commands (8)

After talking about

  1. rev
  2. yes
  3. sl
  4. cowsay
  5. cmatrix
  6. cal
 i found another funny command:
Its manpage tells the following:
       Rig  is a utility that will piece together a random first name, last name, street num‐
       ber and address, along with a geographically consistant (ie, they all match  the  same
       area) city, state, ZIP code, and area code.

       It is suitable for such applications as feeding the NY times registration page to fend
       off junk (snail) mail and telemarketers, or for registering  on  BBS's  to  which  you
       don't wish to reveal your real information.
I am not sure if this tool is banned by the NSA ;-) but here we go:
schroff@zerberus:~$ rig
Carmelo Suarez
947 East Parson St
Alton, IL  62002
(708) xxx-xxxx
schroff@zerberus:~$ rig
Janna Stewart
970 Potter Rd
Auburn, NY  13021
(315) xxx-xxxx
schroff@zerberus:~$ rig
Bernadine Collins
27 Willow Rd
Seattle, WA  98109
(206) xxx-xxxx

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