Jul 14, 2017

Bash: enabling Eclipse for Bash Programming | Plugin basheclipse (debugging) part 1

In my last posting i showed how to install the plugin shelled and its configuration options.

Now the next step is to install basheclipse, which enables eclipse in conjunction with shelled to debug bash scripts.

Step 1: Download basheclipse

Step 2: Do not copy the jar file to the plugins directory if you are using Eclipse Neon. Copy them to the dropins directory.

Step 3: Restart eclipse (and wait. I had to wait nearly 5 minutes with a cpu usage of 100%)

Step 4: Change the Shell interpreter in shelled (->window->preferences->shell script->interpreters):

Step  5: Create a new Shell Script Project:

 Step 6: Create a Shell Script File:

Step 7: Copy _DEBUG.sh into your project directory
Step 8: Add _DEBUG.sh at the beginning of your file with full qualified directory name:
Step 9: Go to ->run->debug configurations and create a new configuration inside "bash script"
 You have to select your scriptfile here:
But after doing all this steps i was not able to set breakpoints.
I tried
  • java 1.5 with
    Eclipse Juno

    But this did not work.
  • java 1.9 with
    Eclipse Neon

    Did neither work (this posting)

But: Java 1.6 with Eclipse Luna works!

Read the next posting how to debug a bash scripts in eclipse...

EDIT: After changing from OpenJDK to Oracle's JDK it even works with Eclipse Neon.

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