Nov 25, 2017

Docker-CE: Creating a small Linux as base OS for running a Docker cluster

After some first steps with docker i wanted to run more than one docker node. The problem is, that i have very limited resources on my laptop.
  • CoreOS (see here)
    consumes about 600MB diskspace
  • UbuntuCore (see here)
    consumes about 1.9GB diskspace
To setup CoreOS you have to learn ignition - otherwise every change is lost after a reboot. For UbuntuCore you have to use an UbuntuOne account to get it running.

I heard, that Alpine Linux is an OS with a very small footprint, so i downloaded the "virtual" image and

mounted it in my virtualbox:

After a short startup i got the following:

This is completely different to all other installation procedures i know. No configuration dialog just a
localhost login:
You have to enter "root" and without a password you get a banner with one important information:
You can setup the system with the command: setup-alpine
This will guide you through a 11 step setup (read the manual). To get a installation with persistent homes, etc. you have to choose the "sys" mode.

And then after a reboot, i have a Linux VM with 170MB.
For my next steps (installing docker, cloning some nodes) this should be the right choice.

[Installing docker is quite easy: remove the # before "edge/community" in /etc/apk/repositories and the run "apk update" and "apk add docker".]

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