Apr 15, 2009

Review at amazon: Processing XML Documents with Oracle Jdeveloper 11g

XML is a very important technology (see this posting), so where can you improve/refresh your knowledge about this technique?
First place: Ask google...
Ok. Many links - goto w3c.org - read about working groups - read about conferences - ???
Second try: Read a book.
Here my tip:

This book covers many XML related topics like XSD-validation, JAXP (DOM, SAX), XPath, XSLT, JAXB 2.0...
For each topic detailed examples are given and provided as download. You can use the examples within JDeveloper 11g, but if you do not like this IDE, Oracle's XDK is sufficient.
For a full description of this book look at packtpub or read my review at amazon.de (in german ;-)

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