Sep 5, 2020

Cloning my dual boot ubuntu to a larger SSD

 After working a while with my laptop i reached the disk limit with my SSD (256GB). First impression: Oh no - how to migrate onto a new, larger SDD...

But the prices have dropped so i bought a 1TB SSD and an external SSD box:

Now i was thinking about copying the partitions with dd from the original disk to the other - or better doing a dd for the complete disk?

A friend offered me to use acronis, but the software refused to start on my laptop...

I googled a bit around and found the following solution (inspired by

And this worked excellent.
After cloning my old ssd to the new one i removed the CD with clonzilla and my laptop immediately bootet from the new SSD which was still inside the SSD box.

Really cool!

I checked windows without replacing the SSD inside my laptop and this worked as well as the Ubuntu.

Next step was to boot with an GPARTED iso (can be found here) and resize the linux partition up to the new limits.

So last step was to open up my laptop and insert the 1TB SSD...

(Totally amazing that i did not have to run grub or change the uefi settings.)

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