May 16, 2020

Samsung J5 2017 (aka j5y17lte) installing STOCK ROM

After installing a custom ROM (s. here) i wanted to flash the STOCK  ROM onto my smartphone again.
So what to do?

First: Download a ROM (e.g.

and you will get something like
this zip cannot be sideloaded. So you have to unzip and the you have:
Within this you have to do a:
 for a in *md5; do echo $a;  tar -xvf $a; done
and the result should be:
boot.img   cm.bin      modem.bin  recovery.img  system.img
cache.img  hidden.img  param.bin  sboot.bin     userdata.img
or just type:

~/bin/heimdall flash --BOOT boot.img --SYSTEM system.img --CACHE cache.img --HIDDEN hidden.img --PARAM param.bin --CM cm.bin --USERDATA userdata.img --RADIO modem.bin --BOOTLOADER sboot.bin --RECOVERY recovery.img
and after nearly 10 minutes of anxious waiting you J5 boots up with the STOCK ROM again.

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