Oracle Cloud: Sign up failed...

Yesterday i tried to sign up for oracle cloud:

 So let's start the registration process:

The mobile number verification is done with SMS and after entering the 7 digit pin, you are allowed to enter a password:

As payment information only credit cards are accepted:
  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • Amex

Eve though my credit card was accepted:

"Your credit card has been successfully validated. Please proceed to complete the Sign up."
I got the following error:

"We're unable to process your transaction. Please contact Oracle Customer Service."
The link "Oracle Customer Service" did not work, so i used the Chat Support. But inside the chat was no agent available and only "Send E-Mail" worked. Let's see what kind of response i will be given...

EDIT: Some further attempts...

EDIT 2: see here how the problem was solved.  


  1. What a worst signup process, they never allow any credit card, I tried by different credit cards that never used with them and was booking first time still issue, and moreover their support team is worst no one turns back while I put request!

    Now I understand why no one buyd Oracle cloud, Amazon, Azure and GCP are best! Oracle worst!

  2. Looks like oracle announces free tier for everyone, and bans access to not use this benefit!