Jun 1, 2019

Ubuntu Server: eBook

For testing waagent (Microsoft Azure Linux Guest Agent) i downloaded Ubuntu Server. Ubuntu advertised an ebook for administrators:

Here the short summary from this webpage:

Server provisioning: what Network Admins and IT pros need to know

This document is designed to help system administrators and DevOps focused organisations to understand bare metal server provisioning, understand its value proposition, and learn about how leading companies are using server provisioning solutions within their hyperscale environments.
Canonical’s MAAS helps organisations to take full advantage of existing hardware investments by maximising hardware efficiency, and a pathway to leverage the performance and security of hardware based solutions with the economics and efficiencies of the cloud.
With MAAS = Metal As A Service

The eBook contains 6 chapters on 20 pages:
  1. Executive summary
  2. Cloud speed with bare metal reliability and efficiency 
  3. Get the most out of your hardware investment
  4. How the smartest IT Pros let software do the work
  5. Make hardware investments more strategic 
  6. Conclusion
Ubuntus MAAS is the idea to create your own cloud with your own metal. Its about the automation of installing and provisioning hardware. There are region controllers (regiond) and rack controllers (rackd) which will manage your systems by using DNS, DHCP, PXE, TFTP and some others...
They are introducing availibility zones like they exist in Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure:
 If you are interested take a look here:

Get started with MAAS
To download and install MAAS for free please visit

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