Jan 30, 2019

Review: eBook: Saas for Dummies

As i wrote some days ago, Oracle provided this book as free download:

Here my review:

The book starts with the chapter "recognizing modern business challenges and opportunities". The author comes up with things like "business transformation starts with digital transformation" or "businesses will need to rethink every element of their business". It contains a typical opening for this topic.

The next chapter has the title "Empowering Business Managers with SaaS Solutions". The focus here lies on how to use the cloud for your sales process. One short citation: "Robust  sales  cloud  solutions  are  so  much more  than  contact  lists,  schedules,  and sources of prospects." Another focus are the advantages for HR professionals to finding and retaining top talents with the help of SaaS. For further information the following link is provided:  www.oracle.com/goto/mit-tech-review

At page 35 of 68 chapter 3 starts. "Transforming you Business with SaaS". There are given some helpful links like "www.oracle.com/cloud/saas-scalability.html" or "www.oracle.com/cloudtco" and some others.

Chapter 4 ("Choosing Your Path to the Cloud") talks about building hybrid
environments and extending apps with social, mobile and process capabilites. I think without some additional links, this is much to short.

By far the best chapter is chapter 5: "Ten (or so) Important Questions to Ask you SaaS Provider". I will not reveal these questions (and answers) on this blog - but this is really helpful. Nevertheless the answers are sometime too short.

From page 57 up to 61 a glossary is provided.

My conclusion on this book: This is a really good quickstart into SaaS but not a deep dive into this topic. Thanks to Oracle to provide it as free download.

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