Aug 18, 2018

Oracle SOA Suite 12c : Audit Levels (Off, Production, Development)

Inside the Enterprise Manager (URL: http://yourhost:7001/em) you can configure SOA Suite Audit Levels:

Choose "Common Properties"

Click on "Change Profile"
The oracle documentation shows the following:

  • Off:
    No business flow instance tracking and payload tracking information is collected. Drilling down into a flow shows the components and their status. Using this setting limits database growth, and also helps reduce latency and improve throughput.
  • Production:
    Flow and audit event information is collected and stored in the database. Drilling down into a flow provides the flow trace. The flow trace shows the exact sequence of component interaction, and also shows component statuses. Drilling down into a BPEL instance shows the execution of BPEL activities, and their statuses.
    As the flow-trace audit trail may not be required for all composites, you may want to set the audit level to Off at the SOA Infrastructure level, and set the audit level to Production for the required composites
  • Development:
    This option collects payload details in addition to flow and audit events. This setting is not recommended for a production environment, as it will impact performance and result in rapid database growth. This level is useful largely for testing and debugging purposes only.

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