Oct 3, 2017

Oracle 18c: self-driving, self-scaling, self-repairing AND documentation-free (?)

Yesterday Larry Ellison announced Oracle 18c:
After 12c now 18c?
Why 18 and not another number greater 12?
Inside a whitepaper released with the announcment the version 18c is not named at all.

The whitepaper just contains some high level information about the autonomous database:

and some licensing information:
But no real information about this new database 18c.
If this new database works like promised:
Fully automated patching, upgrades, backups, and availability architecture perform all routine database maintenance tasks—without the need for human intervention.
then there is no need for documentation at all...


  1. https://mikedietrichde.com/2017/08/10/thoughts-new-oracle-database-release-schedule/

  2. Thanks!
    Here a quote from mike dietrichs website:
    " This means, Oracle Database will be Oracle 18. And Oracle will be Oracle 19. And so on."

    Let's go for Oracle 100c ;-)