Feb 12, 2017

10 years of "run like hell" - an anniversary after nearly 300 blog entries...

Ten years ago after a lecture given at the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern i started this blog with this posting (about the lecture). And you can see: the link does not work anymore but the screenshot still remains after such a long time.
After this post, i owned a blog, with one entry and noticed that finding topics to write about is not really easy.
In August 2017 i started to write about Oracle products like jDeveloper, 11c, ... With more than 100 posts over 30% of the blog entries are related to Oracle. In respect to this fact my blog is listed by 2 Oracle aggregators.
But for the last three years i did not write about Oracle anymore. But nevertheless there are still readers visiting:
The blog was called 350.000 times in 10 years - not really a big site, but nearly 3000 readers per week.
So thank you for reading my postings - let's see if i will run like hell for another 10 years ;-)

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