Oct 26, 2013

Windows 8: create system image fails with 0x80070001

Last week i tried to create a system image with the built-in backup-tool from Windows 8. It sounds very easy:
  • connect an usb storage to your computer
  • start system image creation (look here)
    But then i got this error: 0x80070001

After googling around i found the following solution:
But there you get something with junctions and FAT-filesystems... This did not solve the problem...
The solution was very easy: I had truecrypt running and this created an additional mount point. After stopping truecrypt the system image was created without any error...


  1. Same problem here on Windows 8.1; your solution worked well.

    Turn off Truecrypt.

    Sehr gut gemacht

  2. Thanks very much, was very helpful to me!