Sep 29, 2012

Nexus 7: First steps and first problems (auto rotate, adblock)

After tracking the Nexus 7 shipment via internet failed, the device anyhow reached me:

Unpacking the device was fun and the first steps like adding a Google Account and WLAN authentication were without any problems. Then i started the first app (if i remember correctly it was the reader) and rotate the Nexus 7. No rotation of the content. ?? At this moment i astonished. I never checked the specification, that the Nexus 7 is able to do auto rotation....
But the user manual tells how to enable this: Wipe the screen from top to bottom. Then you see teh notification bar.

Touch the lock sign with the two arrows and after that auto rotation is enabled (except the home screen).

Next i wanted to get rid of the advertisements inside Google's browser chrome. But accessing the chrom web store is with android not possible.

So i searched via But there you find two apps, which need root privileges (look here) and one which needed a proxy configured for chrome. But this is not possible because, there is no way to configure an APN on your Nexus 7...
The solution was easy: I installed firefox and added adlock plus and all ads were gone....

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