Jul 24, 2011

Joining Google+: the registration process

Here a short report about the new social network google+. Today i got a inviation and here the first steps into the circles...

First you have to do the registration:

Then google fills the first name and lastname from your google account and the foto, too:

The Privacy Policy can be found via this link. Here some important facts:
People in your circles (but not the name of the circle) will appear to others on your Google Profile, unless you choose not to display that information.

If you do not want us to store metadata (such as photo details) associated with your photos and videos, please remove that data before uploading the content.

We may display posts to which you’ve attached your location to users who seek to view Google+ posts "nearby" the location where you created your post. Those posts will be viewable only by those with whom the content has been shared.

Then one thing about your picasa albums:

This sounds ok, if your fotos are for everyone...

After that you can start with google+

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