May 13, 2011

Review at amazon: IPv6 for Enterprise Networks

I was looking for books talking about IPv6. One book i found was:

The summary sounds quite good:
Four leading Cisco IPv6 experts present a practical approach to organizing and executing your large-scale IPv6 implementation. They show how IPv6 affects existing network designs, describe common IPv4/IPv6 coexistence mechanisms, guide you in planning, and present validated configuration examples for building labs, pilots, and production networks.
Finally, they translate IPv6 concepts into usable configurations. Up-to-date and practical, IPv6 for Enterprise Networks is an indispensable resource for every network engineer, architect, manager, and consultant who must evaluate, plan, migrate to, or manage IPv6 networks.
Some chapters are really informative and cover some really nice aspects. But the main chapter (chapter 6) is unclear and confusing:
  • Many Cisco configurations without explanations
  • Many Topics without any grouping and structure
If you have the time to implement the configurations in your lab, then this book might be helpful. But if you only want to read, you should look for an alternative.
If you are interested, take a look at my review at (like all my reviews: written in german ;-).

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