Jun 27, 2010

Review at amazon: VirtualBox 3.1 - Beginner's Guide

Many postings on this blog are related to virtualization technology. Some about VMWare and most about VirtualBox. This weekend i read this book:

Here a summary from packtpub.com about this book:
  • Download and install VirtualBox in a Windows/Linux environment
  • Create your virtual machine on VirtualBox, using Ubuntu Linux Desktop/Windows XP as the "guest" operating system
  • Share folders and pass information between the host and the guest operating systems
  • Explore the Hardware 3D Acceleration feature available in Windows and Linux guests
  • Revert the state of a virtual machine using snapshots
  • Architect a virtual machine using fixed and dynamically expanding hard drive images and choose the appropriate hard disk controller
  • Clone hard disks using the Virtual Media Manager
  • Connect a virtual machine to the Internet and a local network using the default NAT mode
  • Illustrations for using WordPress, Drupal, and File Server virtual appliances
  • Set up a headless server and create, manage, and run virtual machines in that server from a remote PC
But in this list there are some important points missing like
  • Using Seamless Windows (using windows from the virtual machine within the host desktop)
  • Shared folders between guest and host
  • Configuring the disk controller type for a guest (IDE <-> SATA <-> SCSI)
  • Snapshottings guest machines
My summary: VirtualBox 3.1 is a good book with many configurations including detailed screenshots. For Beginners it is very easy to get everything running. Experts should skip the chapter 1 to 3, because there you can only find howto install a guest (like ubuntu, windows 7, damn small linux) or how to browse inside a guest or using openoffice. But the rest even experts should read!
If you are interested, take a look at my review at amazon.de (It is written in german, sorry).

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