Dec 13, 2009

Twitter: First Contact...

After all this articles about twitter, i decided to create a account on twitter and to take a look at this new, so called real-time internet.
OK, creating an account is very easy and after that, you can login and see something like this:

So what about following someone? In the magazine of the GI i read, that the Tower Bridge in London is twittering its status. So i searched for this bridge and here we go:

This was easy, but not really helpful ;-). So what about some further searches e.g. Oracle:

This is not really what i expected.
So let's do my first tweet(?):

Without any follower this does not really look good ;-(
After that i did a search for "dietrich schroff". This gave the following result:

Yippie! My blog postings are already in the real-time internet via blog aggregators....
[Does anybody know some good tweets to follow?]

1 comment:

  1. Dietrich,

    It took me 6 months or so to begin to realize the value of twitter. So don't expect to have an epiphany right away. :)

    Lists are now the can check out and click on the lists link...there are a lot of Oracle related people there you can choose from.

    Good luck.

    chet (