Jun 14, 2009

Dan Brown's Angels & Demons at CERN.ch

CERN launched a website for answering questions about the movie Angels&Demons (german title Illuminati): http://angelsanddemons.cern.ch

and why do i post this on my blog?
Because the ATLAS detector, where i did my thesis, was part of the movie!!! Including the control room...

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  1. I will never forget reading this book for the first time. It was the best reading experience I have had so far, and I fell in love with this storie's thrilling plot line. Angels & Demons has opened my eyes to new places and increased my desires to go to Rome. When I stood in St. Peter's Square, It was an amazing experience to be there and it reminded me of Angels & Demons. The novel takes beautiful places in Rome and makes them into places of action and excitement. If you have never read Angels & Demons or any of Dan Brown's novels, don't hesitate to buy them because they won't disappoint.