Nov 18, 2007


After ASUS announced the EEE for 299$, FIC will lower their price for the UMPC CE260.

You can buy this with an extent module, which is placed onto the right corner of the display...
The following modules are available:

Calendar and Clock or Skype and Bluetooth Phone; Option: TV Tuner or GPS Module

But there is no built-in webcam ;-(

EEE or CE260? Both are available with LINUX!
Let's wait for the first tests...

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  1. I do not speak german, so my apologies if I enter this text at some wrong field (I believed it 2 be the ocmments section) - I just receive a FIC CE260 and want to install LINUX on it. The CD comes with XP drivers only, and not linux site on the FIC website.

    In your post, u mentioned this model will support both Linux n windows. Do u know where I can get Linux drivers for it?